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    Russian Vacation Sims


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    1. Sandy   (17.04.2010 02:23)
    Hi! My answer to your mail has been returned to me, unfortunately, but I wanted to say how much I love your site! Really, all these Russian objects bring a lot of fresh air in my game! Thanks for sharing them. I'll add a link to your site. happy

    2. Иван Иван [kaligula1]  (17.04.2010 23:33)
    Thanks smile

    3. Иван Иван [kaligula1]  (12.05.2010 20:35)
    merci smile

    4. [gillyjj]  (09.06.2010 02:01)
    Such beautiful creations! Thank you for sharing your talent. I've just recently begun playing Sims 1 again. I will be using your creations a lot! Due to a huge computer crash I lost many objects that I used to have (and loved). One decoration item I lost I see in a photo of your church --- the corner ikon shelf. (Do you know the one I mean?) I don't see it available for download on your site. Do you remember where it came from? I would love to have it back in my game.

    Thank you again for your wonderful creations and for any help you can give me.

    5. MARF   (28.09.2010 09:43)
    thank you so much for so many nice things!!! Now i have a russia special for vacation island biggrin Thanks for sharing

    Greeting from AUSTRIA - MARF cool

    6. eisbaer   (30.10.2010 19:44)
    smile Thank you for all your wonderfull creations. I just LOVE them!

    7. Иван Иван [kaligula1]  (17.01.2011 02:55)
    Thank you eisbaer)

    8. Иван Иван [kaligula1]  (18.01.2011 18:05)
    Thank you MARF

    9. Madame Rosa   (07.02.2011 00:36)
    I absolutely adore your creations Kaligula. The Mayan skins and objects are so incredibly detailed and accurate! You must have done quite a lot of research. Thank you for continuing to create such gorgeous objects. smile

    10. Denny Zeleniak   (24.09.2011 05:43)
    Thank you for all your amazing creations.I love them very much smile

    11. MissV   (20.11.2011 03:04)
    biggrin After all these years I found your wonderful Items! Thank you for creating them!


    12. jerez   (27.04.2012 06:15)
    This is an amazing site and the creations and information are fantastic. Bol'shoe spasibo. smile

    13. Lissie   (08.06.2012 23:22)
    I love all your items! The objects and skins look fantastic, and I can't wait to try them out in my game. Thank you for all your effort!

    14. Andrasta   (29.12.2012 17:26)
    This is such a great site! I am enthusiastic about all that information on cultures and history, the relative skins, objects and plants! You rarely find this kind of items for the Sims, thank you smile

    15. uni21   (17.04.2013 01:51)
    Such a great site!! I'm huge Folklore fun and I am amazed by all stuff here. Beautiful and Fine.

    16. Andrea   (19.04.2013 03:04)
    Meine Anerkennung für Deine bezaubernden SIMs-Kreationen. Du hast da wirklich viel Zeit und Liebe investiert. Vielen, vielen Dank, daß Du Deine Welt mit uns teilst.

    Ganz herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland

    17. ForensicaFrump and Family   (10.09.2013 16:24)
    Thank you so much for sharing with us. Your wonderful creations and the fantastic information you give about each group makes the objects and skins we use in our game that much more special. The grandkids enjoy the information and have even used some of it in school, thank you for helping them discover learning can be fun! We have been playing the game off and on for over 13 years, your site is one of the reasons we keep coming back to play Sims.
    Thank you again for sharing with us!
    The Frumps biggrin

    18. Madame Rosa   (24.12.2013 11:10)
    The Thai objects and skins are breathtaking. Thank you, it's so nice to see you creating again.

    19. Simtonic   (24.02.2014 14:47)
    Thank you for this amazing site! Every single object and skin is a treasure!


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