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    Russian Holiday "Honey saved"
    13.08.2011, 02:05
    Russian Holiday "Honey saved"

    The first Has rescued in the people name honey or wet. The name "honey" speaks that from this day intensive gathering of honey traditionally began, and first honeycombs endowed to the left spirits, remembering the died parents.
     "The harvest season" period began with first Spasa. There was an intensive gathering of berries, first of all raspberries, bird cherries, prepared also cedar cones. Spent preparation for winter agricultural works: sowed the winter. The first handful of grain on custom was deserted by the senior member of a family. To it him invited a special sentence: "Sow, the grandfather, the first handful on yours old man happiness".
    For protection against evil spirit during the first saved the ceremony "Spread poppy" was made: having collected seeds of a wild poppy, sprinkled with it the house. Was considered that papaverous seeds protect from evil spirit, first of all from witches.

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