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    Russian Holiday 19 August Savior of the Apple Feast Day
    18.08.2012, 15:38
    Russian Holiday 19 August Savior of the Apple Feast Day

    Apple Spas - folk festival in the eastern Slavs, known since ancient times. On national signs, Apple Savior means the onset of autumn and the transformation of nature. It is believed that the night after 19 August are much colder. Before the Savior is not allowed to eat apples and apple dishes. But on this day, on the contrary, it is believed to disrupt and consecrate apples and other fruits of the new harvest.
         In the old days all the faithful people invariably celebrated Apple Spas, baked pies with apples, cooked apple jam and offered them to each other. In the evening, all went out into the field to perform the songs sunset, and with it the summer.
    According to popular belief, it was an apple tree to fly two birds: Sirin and Alkonost. These birds arrive from the Garden of Eden. They bring in their sharp talons of healing herbs. In female birds, people - and the similarities and vast differences. Face Sirin-bird tight, fierce, and his face Alkonost Birds - smile. And this is no accident: a reminder that life on earth - just a moment, that the wealth and power in it is worthless. Other - gives love and faith.

    Sirin-bird is commanded to fly to the apple cider, long before the Savior. Therefore, according to popular belief, the apple tore the first time can wreck exactly, to which the Syrian-brushed wings of a dead bird with dew. And then for his impatience, greed is punished by the death of a man. Alkonost-bird flies to the Saviour. And the fruit of the apple from that day are healing. The bird looks like the wings of the living dew. Transformed fruit, they have an amazing power.

    Girls, first tearing off an apple and nadkusyvaya his secret desire to conceive, thinks of the love.

    Apple Tea Party - People's rite of the Eastern Slavs, dedicated to the Apple Spas.
    The ceremony is held in the apple garden, traditionally, the Apple Spas, or the first Sunday after him. In a garden table and chairs are carried for the guests. On the table put the samovar, tea set, bowls for the pieces of apple, honey and jam. Whole apples are exhibited in large plates.

    First, an apple with a knife cut into cubes without skin and core. Slices are poured into a cup of hot tea. When the pieces warm up, they prick with a fork and dipped in honey or jam. A sweet treat you can drink tea.
    An essential attribute of apple tea are drinking songs. When all the guests finishes his first cup, the youngest woman at the table starts to sing a song that you picked up all the rest of the holiday. After three songs on the empty cups of hot tea poured over and decomposed pieces of apple. Tea drinking alternated with songs before dark.

    Sweet honey and preserves soften the sour taste of apples and add a wide range of different flavors. It symbolizes the joy of communicating with relatives, which makes life beautiful in spite of all earthly troubles.
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