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    Russian Vacation Sims

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    Russian chest werewolf
    16.12.2010, 15:25

    In slavic mythology the person-wolf; the werewolf; the sorcerer, capable to turn to a wolf and to turn into wolves of other people. Legends about the werewolf the general at all slavic people.
    The antiquity of this image proves to be true also the annals of 1282 narrating about the werewolf which "drives clouds and eats the moon" (Slavs long stored a faith in people who turned to wolves, rose on the sky and called a rain or dispersed clouds).
    At Slavs the werewolf initially was the positive character, and the fact of transformation into a wolf was perceived as the normal phenomenon, but not in which case - not terrible and awful.
    Reversal in a wolf was likening to one of the most esteemed and powerful animals allocated with supernatural forces. The name of this animal was so sacred that he couldn't be said in hearing, therefore instead of "wolf" spoke "fierce"(Lutii), and men of some tribes named "Lutici".
    The Lutici (known by various spelling variants) were a federation of West Slavic Polabian tribes, who between the 10th and 12th centuries lived in what is now northeastern Germany.
    Practice of transformation into a wolf has been so spread among slavic tribes that Gerodot describes annual transformation Nervi (the slavic tribe, presumably living on territory of Belarus) for some days in wolves, as something self-evident.
    Many researchers draw parallels, according to which Volh is the Kiev prince Oleg who was considered prophetic (the word formed from Russian verb vedati - "nobility" was other word for a designation of the werewolf: an Ukrainian vechun - "werewolf", Czech vedi - "she-wolves-werewolves", Slovene vedomci, vedunci, vedarci - "wolves-werewolves"). However such prince-werewolf was and the become famous Vseslav Polotsky (second half 11 century).
    With Christianity acceptance all former deities have been overthrown and declared by demons. This fate and werewolves who of deities-assistants and heroes-athletes became terrible monsters of nightmares hasn't bypassed.
    Категория: objects | Добавил: kaligula1
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    Russia is Еast Europe biggrin biggrin biggrin

    Wow!!! I'm from Brazil, I love The Sims 1, this is my first time on the site. everything is amazing, I love the mythology of Northern Europe

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